Your 15 MINUTE Pharmacy!

Here’s to Miller Drug of Augusta, GA for opening the door a little early for me to get my post surgery meds!! You guys rock. Support your local business!!

Kay Simpson

They are GREAT!!!! Neal & Jean Miller are exactly who you need on your team. They always go above and beyond to assure all your health care needs are taken care of.

Jessica Godbee Price

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Vaccinations Available!

💉💉💉 Did you know we can vaccinate for more than just FLU? If you need your SHINGLES, PNUEMONIA OR FLU vaccines, give us a call at 762.994.1051 to set up an appointment. We will make sure both your shot record and YOU are up to date!


😷😷😷 FLU SEASON is coming!!! Swing by the pharmacy to get your family vaccinated today. 💉💉💉 Did you know you can also get your shingles vaccine and your pneumonia vaccine at Miller Drug? Set up an appointment with us at 762.994.1051 or walk in any time.

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