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Which vitamins are right for you?


Did you know there are certain vitamins you can take while undergoing chemo that can help rebuild your immune system and replenish your nutrients?

IF you did know, would you know which to take? 🤔💊

Talk with Dr. Neal anytime about which vitamins will help you and your family stay healthy. He is never too busy to chat. Call today!

Vitamins to give you an IMMUNITY boost!

Not only do we have FLU shots at Miller Drug but a whole selection of vitamins to help your family boost their immunity to fight infections and viruses. We carry Nature’s Truth and Healthmart products that are made with pure quality ingredients.

👨🏼‍⚕️Dr. Neal’s Tip: Take Vitamin E as a natural immune boost during Flu season. If you feel symptoms coming on you can double your dose for a few days to ward off symptoms.41513642_931212273733133_1738253309996695552_n